Erik der Wolf (German)

Erik der Wolf (German)




by Daniela deLuca and Vicky Egan (Authors); Sonja Lambertz (Translation)
 A particularly instructive series of books for reading aloud and for the first reading age, lovingly designed by Daniela De Luca. Each volume presents a pet child of one of the eight major land masses. Exciting experiences from the life of animal heroes are combined with child-friendly educational non-fiction to life the world of the animal. - Europe. Erik is a small Findelwolf, the mother wolf and the whole pack immediately close to their hearts.  But Erik's new family must flee when their home is threatened by the people ...This book is about searching and finding a new home.

"These are unique child / animal books for younger children....a good series to awaken in children the love and concern for animals." 

Ages 4-8; 30 Pages; Hardcover


$ 14.95