Dumbo - Disney (Hebrew)

Dumbo - Disney (Hebrew)




Disney ed.

The book is a Hebrew version including the full story by Walt Disney. Magnificent and colorful drawings.

This story is a magical tale of Dumbo, the little elephant with big ears and an even bigger spirit. See him defy all the odds and learn to fly, with some help from his friend Timothy Q. Mouse, in this deluxe storybook retelling of the classic animated film. .

Did you know that the story of Dumbo originated in a book published in 1939 by Helen Aberson (1907-1999) a Syracuse born writer of Ukrainian-Jewish origin? Her original story explored emotions linked to being physically different from others. Her tale of exceptionalism was well timed for the era of Fascist takeover in Europe, which was accompanied by lethal caricatures of Jews. Links between Jews and elephants were also part of the times. 

Ages 2-8; 96 Pages: Hardcover



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