Digdugim, Shirey Mischak Rishonim - Tickles, First Play Songs (Hebrew)

Digdugim, Shirey Mischak Rishonim - Tickles, First Play Songs (Hebrew)




Dathia Ben-Dor
Tickles is a collection of exciting play songs for toddlers and parents alike. Play songs are important for children's development, and invite parents a tool for pleasant, important and unique communication with their children. The game songs in ``Tickles'' are based on touch, which is so important for the child's development, they emphasize facial expressions and voices and lead to an intimate partnership in an experiential way. With the development of the child, additional layers are added to the play songs: babies will enjoy the touch, the tickling and the sounds, toddlers will add the laughter and the voices and children at the beginning of speech will be able to develop their verbal ability. Dathia Ben-Dor, the wizard of the word, the sound and the rhythm, sells from a selection of her library, from children's shows and TV shows.
Ages 1-5; 28 Pages; Hardcover


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