Diego Liron (Spanish)

Diego Liron (Spanish)




by Antoon Krings

Vibrant and humorous, these stories present curious creatures and their interesting garden adventures. Diego the Dormouse feels lethargic, without any interest in going out, because winter is coming and he s preparing to hibernate until spring. But one of his friends, Quince the Elf, is convinced that Diego must witness the beauty of a snowy garden at least once in his life. Quince decides to go to Diego's burrow where he finds him curled up on his fluffy bed, sleeping soundly. Without a moment s hesitation, Quince wakes him so he can admire the view. Does Diego enjoy the snow? Does he determine that he would rather keep sleeping until the cold is gone from the garden? Or does he stay awake, excited and without any trace of sleepiness?

Ages 2-6; 32 Pages; Hardcover



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