Colors Around Us- Arabic DVD

Colors Around Us- Arabic DVD




Colors Around Us: Arabic Baby Toddler DVD

An original Arabic DVD series for babies and children similar to Baby Einstein. Cartoon animation, music and entertainment focused on teaching Arabic to babies 6 months to kids 5 years of age. An absolute must for parents of young children who want to raise them fluent in Arabic. Colors Around Us provides the color-wheel at your fingertips! Explore the world of colors through a child's eye in this mesmerizing new video. Take your child on a journey into the vibrant world of colors through songs, puppets, toys, animation and live footage. Children in costume and funny puppet skits will delight your child; The songs are sure to have parent and child singing and humming along. Primary and secondary colors are introduced as are black and white with quizzes which offer plenty of opportunity for parent child interaction. Bonus material: SONGS, PUPPET SKITS, NAME THE COLORS, LETS COLOR.

The video contains original score composed by Arab musicians employing Arabic instruments and rhythms. It is not a Disney product but an authentically Arab in it's design, creation, and production.

Ages 0-6;   DVD, 25 min;  format: NTSC, region  1


$ 16.49