Chinese Baby Lullabies, CD (Chinese)

Chinese Baby Lullabies, CD (Chinese)




The Beijing Angelic Choir, composed of the best voices from several local choirs in Beijing, is distinguished by their sweet, superbly trained voices and musical training. The songs are lightly accompanied, with emphasis, of course, on the singing of the children. The sound is dreamlike, sweet and soaring, almost other-worldly.
Lullabies was a finalist for the 1996 NAIRD award for the Best Children's Music, and is a stunningly lovely CD!

"This is a gorgeous and mesmerizing CD! It doesn't matter if you understand Chinese or not, the hypnotic effect of the choir transcends any language. The music is minimalist and wisely so; allowing the beauty of the Beijing Angelic Choir (a fitting name, by the way!) to take center stage".

Songs included in this CD:

1. You-You-Zha (Man)
2. Clear Moon, Quiet Winds (Northeastern China)
3. Hammock Hanging Between Betel Trees (Guangdong)
4. Puyuma Lullaby (Taiwan)
5. Tu-Jia Lullaby (Hunan)
6. A-Ni-Qie-Er (Hani Tribe, Yun nan)
7. Kitty, Stop Meowing (Anhul)
8. Li Lullaby (Hainan)
9. Lullaby Of The Fisherman's Family (Guangxi)
10. Tibetan Lullaby (Western Tibet)
11. My Brother, Pu-Ru-Lai (Inner Mongolia)
12. A-Lai, Ba-Lang-Mu (Ulgur)
Ages  0 and up; Audio CD


$ 20.95