Caillou Classics Volume 1,DVD (2 CD set) - French

Caillou Classics Volume 1,DVD (2 CD set) - French






Welcome to the world of Caillou where every day is an adventure filled with fun, laughter and surprises! Caillou and his friends help children make sense of the world - one amazing discovery after another. Watch as Caillou becomes a fire chief, an admiral, a race car driver and more! Caillou also make his way to preschool where he finds new friends, new things to learn and many new, imaginative adventures!

Disc 1 Episodes: - Caillou Outdoors - Shoo, Shoo Bird, Fly Away - Caillou's Road Trip - Caillou and the Dragon - Springtime for Caillou - Caillou's Valentine - Hello Spring! - Caillou's April Fool!; Includes 4 'Early Years' Episodes: - Caillou Goes Around the Block - Caillou Goes Camping - Caillou Goes Birdwatching - Caillou's Picnic

Disc 2 Episodes: -Caillou Family Collection Volume 7 -Big Brother Caillou - Mom for a Day - Hide and Seek - Back Seat Driver - Top Bunk - Caillou's Backyard Adventures - The Baby Bird - Into the woods (Out of the Woods) - Caillou Goes to the Car Wash - Far Away Home

Ages 2 and up; DVD Format NTSC, region 1, 145 minutes


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