Brazilian Lullaby - CD

Brazilian Lullaby - CD




Various Artists: Magda Pucci,H.Ziskind,P.Ermel, Dois A Dois,Mawaca,L.Bueno 

Soothing rhythms and gentle tones from a variety of musical styles combine with traditional songs, well-known Brazilian instrumental music, and original compositions to create an exquisite collection of lullabies and songs for the very young. Gentle male and female voices sing in Portuguese; the production employs instruments indigenous to the culture. "Murucututu", a song recorded in the Brazilian rainforest, tells of the owl known in Brazilian mythology as the mother of sleep. This collection is a true labor of love for sleeping babies everywhere.

A 2000 Parents' Choice(r) Silver Honor Winner(Oralia Garza de Cortes, Parents' Choice®, 2000)   

Ages 0-up;         Audio CD

Track listings: 
1. Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha - Tomaz Lima
2. Soneca - Monica Salmaso
3. Pro Nene Nanar - Geraldo Leite
4. Acalanto - Priscilla Ermel
5. Nhanderu Rymbaje - Tenonde Pora
6. Bambalalo - Grupo Roda Piao
7. Paula Sonhando - Luiz Bueno
8. Dorme - Arnaldo Antunes/Zaba Moreau
9. O Boi E O Carneirnho - Priscilla Ermel
10. Tutu Evora - Mawaca
11. Boi De Cara Preta/Tutu Maramba/Nana Nenem - Tomaz Lima
12. Nana Pra Brinca - Vange Milliet/Paulo Lepetit
13. Tres Beijinhos - Rodrigo Alzuguir
14. Sono De Gibi - Helio Ziskind
15. Carneirinho 1, 2, 3 - Sandra Peres
16. Curio - Marcio Lott
17. Murucututu - Magda Pucci 


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