Bilingual Visual Dictionary / Book & Interactive CD (German-English)

Bilingual Visual Dictionary / Book & Interactive CD (German-English)





Milet’s Bilingual Visual Dictionary CD-ROM is an interactive and entertaining way for children to learn words in English and  German.
The Bilingual Visual Dictionary CD-ROM features:
- Over 1,300 useful, everyday words with highly realistic illustrations and pronunciations, which help learners to easily identify the words and practice saying them in both languages
- A wide range of essential and popular subjects, such as: Animals, Arts, House, Shapes, Nature, School, Technology and many more, with subcategories under each subject
The Bilingual Visual Dictionary CD-ROM is designed for children aged 5–14, but pre-school children can also learn by looking at the pictures and listening to the words. 
Minimum system Requirements: 
100MB of available hard drive space. Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000. Mac OS X 10.4 and later
Ages 4 and up; book+CD


$ 34.95