Bilingual Baby: Teach Baby German (German - English)

Bilingual Baby: Teach Baby German (German - English)





Teach your child another language with this Bilingual Baby German language DVD. Recommended for ages 1 - 5 years, simple words and phrases are taught through interesting and entertaining sketches and images. The Bilingual Baby® range is a revolutionary series of DVDs that exposes your child to the world of language - a priceless gift that will stay with them throughout their life!
This DVD introduces over 60 words and phrases, completely immersing your child in German, at a time when their ability to develop a second language is highest - between birth and age five.The child only hears German, but there is a small on-screen text in English to help parents too. 
The DVD gives the child maximum exposure to the sounds, syntax and structure of German. New vocabulary is introduced one word at a time before it is combined into a sentence.  This DVD introduces basics such as numbers 1-10, colours and useful everyday phrases. Features live action video of real life objects and people. Plenty of friendly faces and familiar everyday objects appear on the screen helping to keep young children engaged. 

Ages 1-5; DVD (format NTSC, region 1) - 45 mins


$ 29.95