Bilingual Arabic Children's Book: The Musicians of Bremen (Arabic-English)

Bilingual Arabic Children's Book: The Musicians of Bremen (Arabic-English)





What can four animals do when they are no longer wanted? Run off to Bremen to become busking musicians. Bremen, however, is a long way away and our four heroes are old. When they stop for the night they see a ramshackle house and decide to sing for their supper - with unexpected results! 

This bilingual adaptation of the Grimm brothers' parable is done with style and humor. Four aging animals--a rooster, a donkey, a dog and a cat--are deemed useless and turned out by their masters. Thinking themselves musicians, they make their way to Bremen to join the city band. After outwitting a band of robbers in a house, they remain there as friends and are sidetracked from their goal. The ironic tale is told in a style that lends itself to reading aloud, with repetitions, sounds, and rhythms appropriate to each animal. 

Ages 4-8; 32 Pages; Paperback




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