Bilingual Arabic Children's Book: Samira's Eid (Arabic-English)

Bilingual Arabic Children's Book: Samira's Eid (Arabic-English)





The first sighting of the new moon starts a day of celebration for Samira and her family. The Ramadan fast is over and now it is time for prayers and presents. A surprise visitor brings a mysterious present and has an unusual story to tell.

This story develops simply through the dialogue between two children, Samira and Hassan, and their parents. It is based on the actual day-to-day religious duties that occur during the holy month and this highlights the spirits of the festival and simultaneously provides the reasoning behind fasting, Eid prayers and Zakat (charity)... a worthwhile addition to any school’s multicultural library” Books for Keeps

Ages 3-8;  24 Pages; Hardcover 


$ 16.95