Bilingual Arabic Children's Book: Not again, Red Riding Hood! (Arabic-English)

Bilingual Arabic Children's Book: Not again, Red Riding Hood! (Arabic-English)





by Kate Clynes (Author); Louise Daykin (Illustration)

Little Red Riding Hood has ten cookies to take to her dad. On the way she meets some familiar, and hungry, characters. Rapunzel, the three bears, three billy goats. But as always there is a problem, a wolf is in the way. Will dad get any cookies? or will the wolf get there first! A clever story that links with famous tales and also works as a maths counting book. 

"One aspect of the story that I particularly liked was the integration of math concepts. For example, at one point they count the cookies by twos. The cookies themselves have what look like colorful M&Ms on them, so the reader can count both the cookies (which the storyline has us do) and the M&Ms on the cookies. As Red Riding Hood distributes the cookies to the other characters in the book, the author is able to incorporate subtraction (as well as the virtue of sharing)."

This charming story, with its fanciful illustrations and its clever use of familiar storybook characters, is an enjoyable adventure that children and parents will delight in reading again and again.

Ages 3-8; 32 Pages, Paperback


$ 16.95