Doctor Ay-Bolit - Dr. Ouch! (Russian)

Doctor Ay-Bolit - Dr. Ouch! (Russian)




by Korney Chukovsky
"Aibolit" (could be translated as "Ouch!)" is a nickname of the kind animal doctor who takes care of his furry patients living in the African jungle.
Russian children's popular story in rhymes. This wonderful story about the kind veterinarian who can speak to animals is loosely based on Hugh Lofting's "The Story of Doctor Dolittle".
The books is beautifully illustrated with full page colorful pictures.

Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky (1882 - 1969) was one of the most popular children's poets in the Russian language. His wonderful children's poems have proved long-standing hits and now rate among the classics of Russian literature.

Ages 2-6; 96 Pages; Hardcover


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