Arabic Nursery Rhymes - DVD (Arabic)

Arabic Nursery Rhymes - DVD (Arabic)




Compiled by: Taghreed Najjar
Illustrated by: Hiba Farran
Animated Arabic nursery rhymes DVD, is a collection of 32 popular children's Arabic rhymes from all over the Arab world. The aim of the project is to preserve these rhymes and make them accessible to the Arab child of today by presenting them in beautifully illustrated board books and as an animated DVD and audio CD. The DVD has Arabic language text dictating all the words to all the rhymes. The language is colloquial Arabic 
collected from mothers and grandmothers with a new, modern look.
The collected rhymes were categorized according to subjects and presented in three beautifully illustrated board books. A DVD and audio CD were produced to give the modern day child the complete audio-visual experience. We hope that these rhymes will bring joy to children and become part of their childhood memories so that they in turn will pass them on to the next generation.

Ages 1 and up; DVD, 30 mins (Format NTSC, region 1)

1. Tasseh Tarantaseh;  2. Hazourah Fazourah; 3. Zuzu has a Car;  4. Trendy Salwa; 5. Jumping Ball; 6. Hope it Rains Today;  7. Walnut, Peanut;  8. Hadootch Badootch;  9. Omlette and Olive Oil; 10. Abu Layleh; 11. I am the Wind;  12. My Old Nanny; 13. Zait, Zait ya Hajjeh;  14. Hanna and the Bees;  
15. My Small Bird; 16. Ten Fingers; 17. Ya Baa7, Ya Baa7;  18. Ya Mnaimneh;   19. Small as a Kubbeh; 20. Hijjallah; 21. This is the Way the Fish Swims;   22. What the Donkey Said;  23. These Little Chicks; 24. Yasmeen the Chicken;   25. Two Dancing Cats;  26. I Used to Have a Bird;  27. Our Donkey;   28. The Butterfly;  29. I Have a Duck; 30. My Turtle Nahla; 31. Tutu the Rabbit;   32. My Sheep


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