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Alma and the Rabbit (Arabic)

Alma and the Rabbit (Arabic)

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by Amal Freajy
Alma and the Rabbit
 is a love story between Alma and her favorite toy ever since birth, Arnoob. What would happen if Arnoob got lost? And how would Alma deal with being apart?
أَلما وَأَرنوب :
هي قِصَّة حُب بَين أَلما ولعبتها المفضَّلَة أرنوب ترافقها منذ ولادتها . ماذا يحدث عندما يضيع أرنوب ؟
وَكيف تتقبل أَلما الفراق عنه؟

Ages 4-8; 30 Pages; Paperback

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