Anton ich mag dich - Anton I like you (German)

Anton ich mag dich - Anton I like you (German)




by Peter Pohl (Author); Brigitta Kicherer (Translation)
Anton is the best soccer player in his school, a gifted amateur magician and a popular joker. He is admired by his classmates and becomes a friend with Jojo.
The book tells a story of two boys who are from different social backgrounds. Jojo comes from a well to do home and leads a sheltered life. Anton's parents died in an accident 8 years before, and he lives with his uncle. Jojo admires Anton, yet he has many questions to which Anton has more excuses than answers. Inadvertently, Jojo discovers Anton's secrets. The book raises many questions that children often ask themselves, like : What do I know about my friend(s)? ; Do I really want to know them better?;  What should I do if my friend is  lying to me? This is a sensitively narrated friendship novel. 
The author, Peter Pohl, is a recipent of  many national and international prizes, including the twice received German Youth Literature Prize (1990, 1995). He lives with his family south of Stockholm in Tyresö. 

Unter besten Freunden erzählt man sich alles, das denkt zumindest Jojo. Jojo und Anton verbringen fast jeden Tag miteinander und sind unzertrennlich. Nur vieles versteht Jojo nicht. Warum hat Anton ständig neue Sachen? Woher hat er das viele Geld? Und warum darf nie jemand zu ihm mit nach Hause? Jojo versucht, Antons Geheimnis auf die Spur zu kommen, und will dem Freund helfen. Denn nichts ist, wie es scheint.

Ages 9 and up; 141 Pages; Paperback


$ 17.95