A Treasury of Japanese Folk Tales (Japanese-English)

A Treasury of Japanese Folk Tales (Japanese-English)





by Yuri Yasuda
A Treasury of Japanese Folktales, presented in both English and Japanese, contains 12 of the best Japanese folk and fairy tales, told to generation after generation of Japanese children. These charming tales of rich imagination carry us, on turtle-back, to the splendors of the underwater palace of the dragon princess, to the beautiful hills where Kintaro plays with his animal friends, and to a temple where we discover a "tea kettle" that is really a cunning badger in disguise.
The stories and illustrations in this oversize volume were originally published in 
Old Tales of Japan (1953). Many of the illustrations stand the test of time, as the folktales are old stories of Japan, and maintain their charm, as does the text.
Executed with great skill and imagination, the 98 color illustrations bring to life the charming characters of these heart-warming tales of old Japan.

Ages 5-12; 112  Pages; Hardcover


$ 22.95