100 First Words For Toddlers (Japanese-English)

100 First Words For Toddlers (Japanese-English)





by Jayme Yannuzzi MA (Author); Sarah Rebar (Illustration)
Make it fun for toddlers to learn all kinds of new words in both English and Japanese. Taking them from "airplane" and "ひこうき/hikōki" to "window" and "まど/mado," this book allows children to build their understanding of both languages and discover new ways to communicate and express themselves.
This educational Japanese book features:
100 first words - grow our toddler's vocabulary with everyday words presented in English and Japanese, plus phonetic pronunciations for the Japanese words.
Adorable artwork - Engage young readers and help them better understand each word's meaning with large, colorful images.
Teaching tips - make learning even more effective with easy tips (in both languages) for getting toddlers to remember each word. 
Ages 1-4; 56 Pages; Paperback (8 x 0.16 x 8 inch)


$ 13.95