You Can be Limitless with Language — The More You Know, The Better

limitless with language

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein

There are many different ways to advance in life. As a parent, guardian, or teacher, you want the best opportunities for your children. Giving them some sort of upper hand in life makes us feel at ease. It makes us feel like we have prepared them enough to go out and be successful. When you search the internet, there might be hundreds of articles that suggest some kind of formula for your child to be successful and be the leader that you want them to be. Allow us to suggest teaching them another language. You can become limitless with language. When you have this access to another language, it’s a skill set that will get you far in life.

Be the CEO You Look Up To

When you teach your child another language, you’re giving them another way to think and explore the world around them. They can be more involved with a culture or group of people in this way. Many CEOs and famous businesspeople know at least two different languages. This is helpful for communicating across different markets and a better understanding of how to reach out to people. People like Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), and Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!), all know more than just English to get them through their business.

Limitless with Language

Ludwig Wittgenstein, who was quoted earlier, really understood the importance that language has. It allows for a broader worldview. This is the upper hand that you want your child to have. With books, CDs, and various immersion, they can learn a second language and get far in life. Their future becomes limitless.

If your family doesn’t already have another language that they speak, learn a second one with your child. Any second language is better than none. It can be a way to bond and take on this learning experience together.  

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