Moving Away From a Monolingual United States with Bilingual Education

Though the majority of states have individually declared English their official language, the United States as a nation does not have an official language. English has become a cultural default. Recent trends are pointing to a steady decrease in the number of people who only know English. 

Encouraging people to embrace their native culture.

Traditionally, those who have come from other countries have been pressured to form-fit those around them in America. This means giving up their native language and adapting culturally. However, this is all changing. Now, students are encouraged to not only learn their native language but to embrace their native cultural traditions as well.

Bridging the empathy gap.

Through this, people are beginning to embrace who they are in a more well-rounded way. This leads to better learning, more acceptance, and a bridging of the empathy gap that has been so ever-present in the United States.

With bilingual books that show more than just translated words, students are able to embrace culture beyond that of English-speaking United States. In that way, monolingual is on the decline.

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