How to Learn a New Language in Quarantine - Keeping Sharp at Home

learn new language in quarantine

Trying to teach or learn a language while in quarantine? It can be more fun than you think! If you have a kid who's used to the routine of regular school, playdates and extracurriculars, it can be hard to adjust to this new way of life. But their progress doesn't have to stop. Getting creative with fresh ways to practice language is the way to go right now.


No matter what language you or your child chooses to learn; the benefits are long-lasting. Knowing more than one language helps you build on skills like multi-tasking, socializing, networking, and decision-making! You’ll likely find that students do better in school in all academic areas, not just language. Being multilingual is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


“Travel” to another country

We can’t actually travel across the world right now. That doesn’t mean we can’t pretend! Time at home in quarantine = time to learn a new language in a creative way. Set a date and “travel” to a faraway place with your family by using your imagination. For instance, you can visit the beautiful country of Italy by making a delicious Italian meal. Pull out the flour and make your own pizza! Practice your language skills by counting the pepperonis in Italian. Is your family learning Japanese? Make your own sushi and practice Japanese by naming the ingredients' colors! There's no need to get fancy when you're having fun.

Have a dance or karaoke party!

Music is one of our favorite ways to unwind or celebrate, but did you know you can actually use its power to learn? We have a ton of CDs available that are perfect for just this. These Chinese nursery rhymes are super fun for little ones to sing along to. This French CD will be sure to get the kids grooving and moving! Check out the rest of our collection for something to match your language and music needs.


There is nothing like getting lost in a good old-fashioned book. With most of us spending plenty of time on screens these days, books are the perfect way to give our minds and eyes a break. Whether you read them a nighttime story to end the day or are just looking for books to fill up your home library, there is a book for everyone!

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