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How Picture Books Can Encourage Early Bilingual Learning

Posted by Yona Eckstein on

To some, literary bilingual education may seem impossible to begin before a child is able to read. This isn’t the case. In fact, by integrating the use of multi-language picture books into a child’s early curriculum, you may be able to jumpstart their early bilingual learning. As a bonus, you may also positively affect how these children view other languages and cultures.

Titles, descriptions, and pictures play an important role in early bilingual learning.

For most bilingual picture books, the title on the front will be shown in both languages. This is crucial for early bilingual learning. The children can begin to see the structure of how different words look in different languages. Descriptions serve the same function, and it’s important for these descriptions to not lose richness and variety when translating. The pictures play an important role in that they can show children of different languages and cultures interacting - an image that will positively reinforce the notion of equality.

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