Foreign Language Learning Styles

foreign language learning

Foreign language learning is a challenging task for any person. Many choose to start children off by hammering vocabulary and grammar into their heads. And to be fair, sometimes this works. But did you know that by understanding and accommodating the specific learning style of a child, you can give them a better chance at succeeding? So, what are some of the various foreign language learning styles? Here are a few of the top recognized methods:

Visual Learner

This type of student prefers to see words and sentences, rather than listen to them or speak them. They tend to do well in written assignments and flashcards.

Auditory Learners

These individuals prefer to learn by listening. Therefore, audiobooks, movies, and music are great ways to for them to absorb a language.

Interactive Learners

These students learn best by trial an error. They prefer to test out a word or phrase on their own, either by conversation or writing it out. This foreign language learning style can potentially overlap with other methods.

Analytic vs Global Foreign Language Learning

Students also differ in how they approach learning in general. Some focus on the details (analytic) and therefore prefer to break down sentence and grammar to better understand its meaning. Others choose to look at the big picture (global) and will simply dive in and test out a phrase or meaning to get their idea across, even if they make mistakes.

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