Milim rishonot (Hebrew)

Milim rishonot (Hebrew)




by Tamar Heberg-Rog
This is an educational picture dictionary for toddlers. The book includes over 140  concepts from various areas of life. 
For example it describes in pictures the first words like, mother, father ball, etc; it introduces toddlers to  animals and their voices: what a cat does? what a dog does? It introduces them to colors , shapes, fruits , vegetables and foods.  The book helps in the development of toddlers' vocabulary and  the correct words pronounciation. The beautiful and colorful pictures entertain and engage children. They encourage toddlers to enjoy the learning of  new words and concepts. The sturdy tabbed pages are ideal for little hands to handle, making this the perfect first learning book for adults and young children to share.

Ages 1-5; 25 Pages; Boardbook   


$ 21.95