Japanese Children's Favorite Stories, Book 2, Book & CD,  (English)

Japanese Children's Favorite Stories, Book 2, Book & CD, (English)





by Florence Sakade( Editor), Yoshio Hayashi (Illustrator)
Singing turtles, flying farmers, and a dragon who cries--these are just some of the magical characters you'll meet in this delightful collection of children's stories. With sparkling illustrations on almost every page and the promise that goodwill and kindness will always carry the day, readers are sure to find much to love in these stories.
"I grew up with this book and my children in turn have enjoyed it. These very traditional and/or popular Japanese children's tales all bring the flavor of Japan to readers through the the illustrations and the style of the stories, which mostly are "shushin" (include morals). This is one of several books of Japanese children's stories by Tuttle Publishing which would be valuable in classrooms as examples of a different style of storytelling ... and yet some sound so familiar... and as a look into a different culture. "
Ages 4-12; 96 Pages; Hardcover + 75 min CD in English 


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