Elephant Dance - a Journey to India (English)

Elephant Dance - a Journey to India (English)





by Theresa Heine (Author); Sheila Moxley (Illustration)

Ravi and Anjali are fascinated by their grandfather s stories of India, where the sun is like a ferocious tiger, the wind is like a wild horse, and monsoon rains cascade from the sky like waterfalls. Ravi particularly loves to hear about the festival of Divaali, where parading elephants take pride of place in their grandfather s memories, and he dreams of having an elephant dance to the tune he composes on his flute. In addition to an evocative, beautifully written story, Elephant Dance also contains endnotes on the cultural heritage of India, making it a perfect introduction to Indian life and traditions.

Ages 4-7: 40 Pages; Paperback


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