Chinese Children's Favorite Stories (English)

Chinese Children's Favorite Stories (English)





by Mingmei Yip
This volume of beloved Chinese stories contains a delightful selection from the rich store of Chinese folklore and legend. These 13 stories feature talking animals, a ghost catcher, a trickster fox, the River Dragon King, and the mischievous monkey Wu Kong, as well as cowherds, scholars, musicians, and emperors. Some tales have morals; others explain customs or traditions. Most are familiar, but no sources are cited other than the author's storytelling father. The art has a traditional Chinese look, with conventional landscapes, animals, and roly-poly, cherubic children. A small ghost peeks out from the binding after one ghost story. Children will be drawn by the abundant colorful illustrations and the short, straightforward retellings. 

Ages 5-12; 96 Pages: Harcover


$ 18.95