The Reader's Club Series,  Level  2; 3 books (Arabic)

The Reader's Club Series, Level 2; 3 books (Arabic)




by Amal Freajy
Super stories to share with your little ones or encourage older children to read alone. Focuses on confidence building, family love, lots of good behavior, important vocabulary and some really well told tales that will hold your children’s interest while they learn. See individual descriptions.
Series includes: 

1. Esma’u wa Ihzarwu – Listen and Guess ISBN: 9953969582 - اسمعوا واحزروا
Ziyad takes his new tape player to his class. He demonstrates all the colored buttons and what they do. Then he lets his classmates listen to a song and some different noises he has recorded. The children have a fun time guessing what the sounds are. Kids will LOVE the funny noises as they guess along with Ziyad’s friends.

2. Anfu Nafnuuf – Nafnuuf’s Nose ISBN: 9953969574 - أنف نفنوف
Another entertaining story about Ziyad and his family. Ziyad’s dog Nahnoof has an amazing nose! Kids will learn lots of vocabulary about parts of the body and various aromas as they enjoy this clever story. Find out how Nahnoof’s nose saves the day!

3. Atyab Lemonadah - The Best Lemonade ISBN: 9953969159 - أطيب ليموناضة
You'll want to make your own! Hala, an adventurous girl,gets ready to make lemonade all by herself. Somehow it doesn't quite come out the way it did at school. Dad is the hero in this story and comes to the rescue. Get those lemons ready!

Ages 4-8; 3 Books


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