Alef-Bet Israel (Hebrew - English)

Alef-Bet Israel (Hebrew - English)





by Galia Armaland

In Aleph Bet Israel, the youngest reader will enjoy learning about Israel through the Hebrew alphabet. On each page of this slim paperback, a letter of the Hebrew alphabet is used to identify an illustration of a place or symbol of Israel. The illustrations are explained in Hebrew, with English underneath. Cheerful multicultural children are shown riding a camel in the Negev Desert, visiting Jerusalem, going to synagogue, eating falafel, floating in the Sea of Galilee, visiting the market, holding an Israeli flag or Star of David, reading about Chaim Weitzman, Israel s first president, and so on. The book design is visually appealing, with the Hebrew letter in a different color and position on each page of lively full color illustrations. The Israeli author-artist has creatively used the last two pages as a summary of the book, pairing each letter in large bold font with its English name and a small section cut-out of its corresponding full size illustration underneath it. For example, we see a shin and its name in English, then a small section of the larger illustration of the shuk, the market. 

Ages 3-7; 32 Pages; Paperback



$ 16.95