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Jan Brzechwa wiersze - Poems of Jan Brzechwa (Polish)

Jan Brzechwa wiersze - Poems of Jan Brzechwa (Polish)
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by Jan Brzechwa
Wybór wierszy Jana Brzechwy: Kaczka-dziwaczka, Koziołeczek, Hipopotam, Żuk, Stonoga, Ślimak, Na straganie, Tańcowała igła z nitką, Na wyspach Bergamutach, Samochwała.
Jan Brzechwa (1898-1966), the author,  was a Polish poet and author, known mostly for his contribution to children's literature. He was born Jan Victor Lesman to a Polish family of Jewish descent.His first set of poems for children Tańcowała igła z nitką ("Danced the needle with the thread") was published in 1937. Among his most popular works is Chrząszcz (The Beetle), a poem proverbial for the hardest-to-pronounce phrase in Polish literature, even for adult native Polish speakers. Its first line “W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie” (In the town of Szczebrzeszyn a beetle buzzes in the reeds) is the best known Polish tongue-twister, in which almost all of the consonants make distinct buzzing soundsMany of Brzechwa’s texts have been translated into English by Walter Whipple, but as of 2004 they have yet to be published. 
Ages 4-8; 94 Pages: Hardcover
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