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Childrens DVD in French: Carmen Campagne - Un bon Chocolat Chaud (French)

Childrens DVD in French: Carmen Campagne - Un bon Chocolat Chaud (French)
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The French-Canadian version of Raffi, on this DVD with 16 delightful French songs for young children in original and karaoke versions.

Have a good laugh with this excellent French DVD! These funny music videos are sure to delight children and help train their ear to the intricate sounds of the French language. Listen to Carmen sing the songs first, and then you can give it a whirl with the great karaoke option!

Carmen Campagne has been singing for young children for several years. Her main audience is children eight years old and under and in all, Carmen has sold 500,000 videos! Much of Carmen’s inspiration comes directly from her happy childhood and her three children. She often remarks that she finds children very inspiring.

La vache rap-classique (The Cow Raps - Classic)
Mon père m'envoie au marché (My Father Sends Me to the Market)
La petite chèvre (The Little Goat)
Le petit cordonnier (The Little Shoemaker)
Bonhomme bonhomme
Le beau petit bonhomme
Le crapaud (The Frog)
Le crocodiles (The Crocodiles)
La vache Banjo/Elvis (The Cow Banjos/Elvis)
Les musiciens (The Musicians)
Un grand chapeau (A Big Hat)
Le petit prince (The Little Prince)
L'arbre est dans ses feuilles (The Tree is in the Leaves)
La vache en Alaska (The Cow in Alaska)
La berceuse créole (The Creole Lullaby)

Ages 3-8;  60 Minutes
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