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Arabic Children's book: Hunaka Ma Hua Aswaa - It Could Have Been Worse (Arabic)

Arabic Children's book: Hunaka Ma Hua Aswaa - It Could Have Been Worse (Arabic)
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by A.H. Benjamin

Mouse is on his way home when he loses his balance and falls to the ground. He grouses that this isn't his lucky day--but the clear, colorful pictures show that the fall saved him just in time from a big cat that was about to pounce. The same thing happens when he falls into a dark hole; he doesn't realize that he has escaped a bird. A thistle makes him jump, and he escapes a snake . . . and so on. Children will enjoy the suspenseful story and the way the pictures tell them what Mouse doesn't know about his dangers and his narrow escapes.

"Good quality book, classical Arabic. This book works for the young children as well as their older siblings. Children 2+ will learn that there are worse things that can happen to you (when the mouse falls into the hole in the ground, the bird gets hurt more), while their older siblings 4-5+ will learn that he was saved by every mishappening that occurred. He fell into the hole in the ground, but he was saved from being eaten by the bird; and to make a comedic twist on things the bird also gets hurt. I think it is a cute story. "

Ages 3 -5; 32 pages, Paperback

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