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Mis Kudlatek,- Kolorowe Psoty DVD (Polish)

Mis Kudlatek,- Kolorowe Psoty DVD (Polish)
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Wladyslaw Nehrebecki (director)
Kids favorite adventures of the Shaggy Teddy Bear. 6 short animated films originally made for Polish television recommended for Polish language training for children.
 This collection runs a little under and hour.l. Mis Kudlatek is a Polish cartoon that has dialogue, so a basic understanding of the language is needed, as there are no subtitles.
Agnes's Doll - The Teddy is jealous of a doll Agnes has just received. He breaks the doll out of spite but later is very remorseful and when the doll is mended, Shaggy starts to be very nice to her.
First at the Finish - Provoked by the the monkey's conceit Shaggy challenges her to a cycling duel. The monkey is faster but is too sure of herself and has an accident. Shaggy forgets the quarrel and goes to her aid.
The Sky Adventure - Shaggy buys himself a balloon and takes off.
Fly Little Bird! - Shaggy Teddy is playing at flying paper planes and damages the electric cables. The Caretaker puts things right but warns the little bear not to play dangerous games.
The Loyalty Test - A boy steals Teddy from Agnes and tries to make him stay by proposing all sorts of exciting games. However Shaggy is loyal to his owner and returns to Agnes.
Colorful Games - The Teddy and Spot are playing in the park. They draw in the sand and paint colourful pictures on the fence. 

Ages 2-6; DVD: Format NTSC, All regions; 54 minutes 

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