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Welcome to Page of Children's Audio CDs and  DVDs!

FInd Audio Books, Music CD, Story Books on CD and DVD

Take a look below at our children's books on CD. If you need to buy childrens books on DVD, you will find we have what you need. For a closer look at any of our childrens DVD books, simply click on a picture below.  

WARNING:  Before ordering a DVD, please make sure that the specification of this DVD are compatible with the "format" and "region" of your DVD.  The majority of the DVD's  sold by our on-line store are compatible with DVD players sold in the US (Format NTSC, Region 1). However, many of  the DVDs sourced in foreign countries  (like Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, etc - are compatible with Format PAL, region 2 ) and    WILL NOT PLAY ON A REGULAR US DVD PLAYER.  This means  you will need a" multi-region" or "region free" PAL DVD player in order to play the DVD. 
If your DVD player can read PAL, then you may be able to convert your existing DVD player to region free. We suggest you search to see if your DVD player could be modified. Also, call or email the manufacturer of your DVD player and if your machine has the ability to play PAL, they will probably teach you how to decode it. For more information on how regions work, visit and

Browse and search our hand-picked selection of  the best children's books on CD and children's DVDs. They provide great educationare fun and entertaining. With wonderful sounds and images they help to introduce children to the different cultures of the world and engage them in celebrating diversity. Our selection od CDs and DVDs encourage children to learn a foreign language by creating a fun environment with native speaking characters.    

Browse and search our CD and DVD products by language or child's age group.  

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