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  1. When it comes to literacy and teaching children any language, many children’s earliest and most cherished memories begin with storytime. Whether it is a nightly tradition or a daily activity, reading gives our children the chance to explore the world through language. Literacy is taught at an early age but what about biliteracy? According to, “When biliteracy is fostered, literacy skills and strategies used in one language transfer to the other - especially when both languages use the same writing system”. 
    To affirm that children master biliteracy, it’s best to provide them with bilingual books for kids, especially if they’re learning a second language rather than their first language. We believe that books can change a child’s life and parents who introduce their children to books early in life give kids a head-start on their ability to learn in school and increase their potential for life-long success. Shop Russian, Italian, Spanish and other international children’s books via our website. 
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    For bilingual parents, raising a bilingual kid is typically an inevitable thing that occurs in the home. Parents who often speak their native tongue in the home, resulting in children picking up on certain words. So what language do most bilingual kids learn first? Their native tongue or English? It’s honestly up to the parents to decide what language they prefer their child to speak as a first language. 
    Although the English language is commonly spoken in a child’s outside community, parents can still teach children their native language by investing in bilingual books for kids and sing along CDs in order for kids to learn their native tongue as well.
  3. When it comes to teaching children fundamental elements, learning should always be fun. According to, “learning will always be fun, if it is kept relevant and meaningful to students individual lives.” Teaching children a second language while they’re young and soaking up information they’ll carry on through life, it’s important to incorporate fun during this time. Children are more prone to remember what they’re taught when singing and reading fun texts play a role in learning new information.
    Teaching children a second language can and usually is a fun experience for kids due to the number of bilingual books for kids that are available for purchase. Many bilingual books are offered in a variety of languages such as Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and much more. At International Children’s Books, parents have a wide selection of bilingual books offered in over 13 languages for ages 0-12. There is a variety of classic international tales, board books and sing along CDs for children of any age.
    Books can change your child’s life. Shop at International Children’s Books to get your child started early in bilingualism.
  4. Being bilingual has many benefits. Of course, having the ability to speak a second, or third or even fourth language, comes in handy for job searches or traveling internationally. For years, many people believed that teaching children more than one language could contribute to stunting their growth. According to studies, bilingual children reach language milestones at the exact age that monolingual children do. So, should you raise your kids to be bilingual?
    If you speak more than one language, it’s typical for foreign parents to teach their kids their native language alongside English. Since the U.S is one big melting pot, more jobs are requiring candidates for hire to be fluent in a certain language and if you start early, the fluency in the languages your child speaks can really be effective later on in their lives.
    Start teaching your children the many different beautiful languages with the help of bilingual books for kids.
  5. Each one of us has our own story, made up of family, friends, and bits and pieces of experiences that have changed us along the way. These are the stories our children will learn as they live their own story in real time. Each culture differs, but the childhood stories we cherish often remain the same.
    Unfortunately, there is a barrier that divides cultures. It is not an ocean, a mountain, or a wall. The barrier is language. Bilingual books for kids allow us to tear down these barriers for generations to come. Italian, Spanish, or French children’s books (to name a few) allow a new generation to experience our favorite stories in a new way.
    These language barriers are the only thing holding us back from telling a universal story that we can all relate to. Bilingual books give our children the chance to do just that.
  6. Many of our children’s earliest and most cherished memories begin with storytime. Whether it is a nightly tradition or a daily activity, reading gives our children the chance to explore the world through language. French or Italian baby books are perfect for giving your children the gift of language at a very early age. Whichever language you speak or would like to learn can be a shared experience that can transform the way you know and understand the world – together!
    Bilingual books for kids can be the basis for future language learning. Children immersed or at least taught language at home have a greater success rate of grasping language more completely. It is a gift that can connect our children with the world in a whole new way. International Children’s Books will help you to share this gift with generations to come for a better, more understanding world. 
  7. Learning a new language can be challenging. As adults, we want to compare or recognize meaning based on the words we already know, but this can lead us in the wrong direction. Children are best able to grasp language because they approach it with new eyes, focusing on basic sounds and letters instead. Bilingual books for kids allow your children to learn a new language through familiar stories and an immersive approach.
    Simply having bilingual books available at home allows your child to learn at his or her own pace in an environment that is safe and comfortable. As new words are learned, your child can practice their new language with familiar objects within your home.
    To create an even more successful environment, immerse yourself in the language learning process, spending minutes, hours, and even days speaking only your newly learned language with your child. There are the moments that lead to breakthroughs in language learning.
  8. The population of multiethnic families is the United States is increasing each year. We are also connecting with people all over the world through social media and other digital platforms. Each generation has a responsibility to teach their children how to relate to one another and excel in life.
    Bilingual books for kids can change the lives of future generations by giving children an early start on learning and understanding different languages and cultures, increasing their potential in many aspects of life. Books are available for every age and stage of development in many languages including Italian, German, Russian, French children’s books and more.
    Your precious little ones will recognize pictures and stories from their favorite childhood classics while learning them in a whole new way. Each book will give your child a step closer to a more successful future and a better understanding of the world in which we live.
  9. Hearing your children read is a joy every parent cherishes, as each new word brings delight to their eyes. Imagine experiencing this feeling all over again as they learn a new language. Bilingual books for kids offer something special to our children - a greater ability to understand each other, in a world that desperately needs to unite. Each precious word that is learned bridges the gap between future generations.
    Children’s brains are malleable. Like little sponges, they have the ability to better learn and understand foreign languages. Language is an irreplaceable gift to our little ones. Being bilingual is not only a skill that can aide them throughout life and their careers, it is a gift that will allow them to better understand others.
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