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Welcome to Children's Books, CDs and DVDs From All Over the World!
About Us

One-stop source of children's books in different languages

International Children’s Books store was born out of its founder's personal love of reading, passion for her children and grandchildren, and her multicultural lifelong experiences. 

Like myself, many people in the US speak more than one language. While outside their homes they speak English, at home they continue communicating in their mother-tongue. Often, they insist on conversing with their kids in their native tongue and on preserving their language heritage. They read books to them, tell stories and sing songs that are the same as those they were read to or sung to by their own parents and grandparents in the "old" country. 

The mission of International Children's Books is to help parents and grandparents in preserving their native lanuage and traditions and passing them on to their children and grandchildren. We seek to become a one-stop source for quality juvenile literature, baby books, board books, wordless books, picture books, story and chapter books and music, CDs and DVDs in any language of the world (pending availability).   

At the International Children Book we also seek to become a one-stop resource of children's reading materials for parents, grandparents, care givers and educators who are interested in teaching a second language to infants, or expose children to different cultures through a foreign language.  Our mission is to provide the best children's literature that portrays and reflects the different backgrounds, traditions and cultures of the world.

International Children’s Books strives to add parents in fostering their children’s sensitivity to those who are different from themselves, increase children’s self- esteem and self-confidence. Our books invite children to use their imagination, expand their vocabulary and help gain a better understanding of themselves and others. Through them kids can learn that although people may differ in their appearance, language or music, they all experience universal feelings of love, sadness, self worth, justice and kindness


 If you have any questions or suggestion, please contact us .   

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